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My best friends Essay

Friends are important in everyone’s life. These are the closest people who will come to the rescue in a difficult moment that any secret can be trusted. Friends also spend joyful moments with us, they make the holiday even more vibrant and fun. I’m glad there are friends in my life too.

You can’t just choose a person for yourself. You are gradually approaching some, because they are near you, for example, at school or in the yard. You meet others where common interests are manifested, for example, in mugs or in sports sections. And every once in a while you realize that this person has become especially close and dear to you, and that he wants to talk to you on different topics or even just be around.

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It’s great to see your friends every day. But even if this does not happen, the friendship still does not disappear. We don’t see each other for months, but we still stay with each other. It is important that there are such dear people in the world who will not forget you and will not betray you, even if you will be leaving or leaving for another city forever.

A person can have only one, the closest friend. And it may be that he has many friends and he never remains alone. It is impossible to say how many friends one person should have, and it allows us to choose and decide.

Friends are the best support in any situation, even if friends are just nearby. But to keep friendship, you need to try very hard. It is impossible to forget about your friends, about important events in their lives. It is impossible to spend only happy days with them, leaving them when they have trouble or grief.

I have some very good friends whom I love very much. I value them because they have the same hobbies and tastes. I like to spend time with them because we love the same music and the same movies. They can always tell something interesting and listen to me if I need it, and I answer them the same. I want to believe that we can keep this friendship for life. And I also hope that in the future I will have new friends with whom I will be just as interesting.


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